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Tour Operators : rafting & kayaking in Ecuador

White Water Rafting, Kayaking & Canoeing

DSCF1904The rivers tumbling down from the high Andes towards the Pacific coast on the west, and the Amazon basin in the East make Ecuador one of the best whitewater destinations in the world. There are some magnificent waters to be found here, and naturally a number of companies offer trips. Before you book, do check out the experience, qualifications and equipment your guides can provide -this is not an area to take unnecessary risks to save a few dollars.

Trips to the Amazon Basin in the east can combine an opportunity to see and experience the lifestyle of native tribes. Most trips start at Tena, around 5 hours from Quito. From here rafting takes place on the Rio Napo (class III), one of the two main sources of the Amazon. More challenging rafting can be had on the Rio Mishahualli (class IV) combining canyon rapids and unspoilt jungle scenery, although this trip can only be run about half the year.

To the West are the Rios Toachi and Blanco (class III), which join at the Valle Hermoso. The Toachi is extremely popular as the closest whitewater to Quito, while the Upper Blanco offers a longer trip in non stop rapids with lush surroundings.

Endless River -white water kayaking in the Quijos River in the Tena region.
Kayak Ecuador -information on the Napo River Festival and kayaking in Ecuador. Includes advice on travelling around with kayaks, bus timetables and detailed guides to the main rafting and kayaking sites. Also hosts a page for the Ecuadorian Rivers Institute.
Magic River tours -German run tour operator offering canoe tours to explore the Cuyabeno Nature Reserve in 603.000 hectares of protected park, deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon.
Paddler Magazine -article on kayaking in Ecuador in 1999.
Piedra Blanca - Rafting in replica ancient rafts, as well as trekking adventure eco-tours at Piedra Blanca in Bolivar Province in rural Ecuador.
Rios Ecuador -customised rafting and kayaking adventures in the Oriente on the Upper Río Napo (Grade III), and the Río Misahuallí (Grade IV).
Rivers Guide Book -some really useful trip reports can be found at this site -follow the link to 'Reports' at the top of the page -the South America section includes the titles below:
South America for Beginners 1-Marc Musgrove reports from part of a Round the World Trip.
Ecuador Diary -by Guy Austin. Report and photos from a recent trip.
Ecuador 1 & 2- by Chris Wheeler. Articles on paddling in Ecuador.
Slimes Guide to Paddling in Ecuador -guide and maps of Ecuador's rivers.
Tourist Report from Ecuador -Mark Rainsley.
Yacuamu -specialist whitewater rafting and kayaking operator with offices in Quito and Tena Ecuador. Offer rafting on the mainland and sea-kayaking on the Galapagos.
Wicked Liquid Expeditions -U.S. based company specialising in whitewater rafting and multisport vacations world wide, including vacations to Peru.
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