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Hiking and trekking in Ecuador

The huge variety of landscapes and situations present the most amazing opportunities for the walker in Ecuador. You can follow Inca trails in the avenue of volcanoes, the most famous being the Trek de Condor past Antisana, Sinchologaua and up to Cotopaxi and the Ingapirca trek on the Inca trail to the ruins at Ingapirca.

Other great walks include a five hour hike around the circumference of Laguna de Cuicocha near Otavalo -the lake is set in the crater of an old volcano at 3086m altitude and if you are lucky you may spot a condor en route. One of our favourite places is the Pasochoa, an area of protected forest on the slopes of a dormant volcano -a great place for birdwatching. This is a good area to walk with smaller children, as there are short as well as long walks.

National Parks are generally good places for the shorter walks (entrance fees from $5-10 generally), or for the long distance hiker you can find one of the trails leading down from the high Andean Paramo to ther coastal lowlands. Once in the coastal region you may need the assistance of a guide to travel away from the highways to avoid having to cross privately owned land.

Prepare well and do get good maps from the Instituto Geografico Militar in Quito -available online from Omnimaps. The weather can be variable, especially in the mountains, with high winds and a night-time drop in temparature.

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More on the northern Andes and southern Andes in Ecuador.

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