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Ceviches de RumiñahuiCebiche from Ceviches de Rumiñahui

Crepes y WaflesSeafood salad at Crepes y Wafles : Food + drink

Quito Restaurants

Quito is a great place to eat out. Whether you are looking for a coffee shop or a 3 course meal with all the trimmings, the city has some great choices (provided you stay away from the over-priced and poor quality international burger and pizza chains).

Possibly one of the best meals we ever had (and quite expensive by Quito standards) was at the extraordinarily elegant restaurant at Teatrum in the National Theatre. At the other end of the scale, for the best in simple local food, try the Ceviches at Ceviches de Ruminahui (below). Whatever you do in Ecuador, you should try a Ceviche de Camarones (prawns) -a cold soup served with Banana Chifles and popcorn.

Crepes y Wafles

Our other favourites include 'Spaghetti' and 'Crepes y Waffles' both very reasonable and located side by side on on Portugal and Eloy Alfaro. Sadly the very fine 'El Nispero' appears to have closed. There are numerous places where you can get a very good steak -our favourite is the Chalet Suise, although we haven't been there for a while.

The best views in town are to be had at Café Mosaico, overlooking the old town, and , Techo del Mundo at Hotel Quito overlooking the historic village of Guapulo and the new town (best breakfast in town too).

For a good plato tipico of Fritadas and Llapingachos we recommend La Choza. And for the best pizza, our choice would be L'Arcate, just off Juan Leon Mera. In fact there are a huge range of very good restaurants around the Mariscal area serving food from all over the world.

Adobes -fast food Ecuadorian style in Quicentro and Centro Comercial Iñaquito -empanadas, humitas, totillas and carnes.
Alkimia Restaurante -upmarket Mediterranean restaurant in La Floresta by the operators of Theatrum. Calle Valladolid N 24-519 y Francisco Salazar, La Floresta Quito.
Reservaciones: 2527855 099721652
Arcate -quality wood fired pizzas -one of our favourites. Order online for nome delivery . Baquedano 358 y Juan León Mera, Quito, Ecuador · 593-2-223-7659.
Barlovento -
Menu specialising in cebiche and sea food, opposite the Hotel Quito. Av. 12 de Octubre N27-09 y Orellana. Teléfono: 222 3751 / 222 4683.
Cafecito -a "warm and inviting" café bar with hostel in Quito and Cuenca.
Cafeto -chain of coffee shops in La Ronda, Mariscal and San Augustin.
Canoa -restaurant in the Hotel Rio Amazonas serviving typical Ecuadorean food 24 hours a day.

Carmine -italian restaurant. Address Calle Baquerizo Moreno E7-70 y Diego de Almagro, Quito, Ecuador. Tel 02 2 225531 / 02 2 234785.

Casa San Lucas -cafe bar and art gallery in a restored 17th century courtyard house in the old town.

Il Casale -

Chalet Suisse -some very fine steaks and Swiss specialities.

Chez Jerome -specialise in Ecuadorian and French cuisine -Whymper N3096 and Coruña (Quito, Ecuador) Tel :2234-067 / 098-39-8888

La Choza -much loved by Quiteños, La Choza has been serving traditional food since 1965. 12 de Octubre N24-551 y Cordero. Tel. 2230 839 / 2507901.

Churrin Churron -fast food Ecuadorian style -churrines to take away. Centro Comercial Mall del Sol, Centro Comercial Malecón 2000, Centro Comercial Riocentro Ceibos and Centro Comercial San Marino. Teléfonos: (593-4) 2140-234

Hotel Colon -swanky and expensive, but a good place to meet. Large buffet, large price. Indifferent service. Avenida Amazonas 110 Y Patria. Tel: 2560666.

Crater -restaurant and art gallery to the north of Quito with panoramic view of the Pululahua crater. Telephone Restaurant: (593 2) 2398132.

Crepes y Waffles -one of our favourites -savoury and sweet crepes at a very reasonable price. Quicentro, Av Orellana or St Luis. Ràbida 461 y Avenida Francisco de Orellana. Teléfono: 2500658; Quicentro Shopping Nivel 2 Local 041 Av. Naciones Unidas Sin Nùmero y Avenida 6 de diciembre. Teléfono: 2436058; Centro Comercial San Luis. Teléfono: 2090063.

Crossroads Café hostal and cafe in Juan Leon Mera, Quito. Foch 678 (E5-23) y Juan Leon Mera. Telefax: (593-2)223-4735.

Cucurocho de Santa Clara -typical Ecuadorian food. Benálcazar y Rocafuerte esq.
Telefono 02-2572114 / 02-2285866

Este Cafe -good coffee shop, but don't bother with the meals. Juan Leon Mera y Wilson.

Hasta la Vuelta -courtyard restaurant serving traditional food in the Centro Comercial Pasaje Arzobispal just off Plaza de Independencia. Tel (593-2) 2580 887.

Huauki -Japanes restaurant and hostel in the Mariscal. Direction: Joaquin Pinto E7-82 y Diego de Almagro, Quito, Ecuador. Telephone: (593-2) 290-4286 / 252-9402 or09551-1957 (Spanish & English).

Kallari -wireless coffee shop and chocolate lounge in the Mariscal area staffed and owned by Kichwa communities from the Napo province. E4-266 Wilson & Juan Leon Mera. Tel: 223 - 6009.

Magic Bean -restaurant and coffee house popular with tourists staying in the Mariscal -tends to be a bit pricey, but do substantial breakfasts and wi-fi hotspot. Foch 681 y Juan Leon Mera. Tel: 593-2-256-6181.

Mea Culpa -one of Quito's best known upmarket restaurants located in the Archbishop's Palace overlooking Plaza de la Independencia. Teléfono:
(593 2) 2951 190 · 2950 392

Meson Cultural Swing -typical picadas and meals with live entertainments. Mariano Aguilera 326 y Pasaje Martin Carrion. Tel 2562042 / 2548416.

Muckis -
An exclusive restaurant situated in an exotic setting at the foot of Ilalo, in El Tingo in the Los Chillos Valley. Specialise in gourmet dishes exquisitely presented. Phone: 02 2 861 789.

Restaurante Panoramico-Hotel Real Audiencia -first class hotel & reasonably priced restaurant serving typical Ecuadorean food in the old City near Plaza de Santo Domingo. Bolivar 3-18 y Guayaquil. Tel 295 2711 / 2950590

Pims -
Cocktail bar and restaurant chain with branches in La Floresta (pictured) , Itchimbia, Cumbaya and Panecilla. See the website for locations.
Hotel Plaza Grande -even more swanky and expensive than the Colon, the café is worth a visit for their spectacular ice cream served with clouds of dry ice. García Moreno y Chile. Tel.: 593 + 2 2510 777.
Al Portico -country-style Italian Trattoria on the outskirts of Quito with its own vegetable gardens, farmyard animals and children's play area. Orellana 1130 and Eloy Alfaro, Tumbaco, Quito Ecuador. Tel: 2373-659.

Rincon de Francia -long established upmarket French restaurant in La Floresta with a reputation for good food. Roca 779 y 9 de Octubre. Tel 222 5053 / 255 4668.

Rincon de Catuña -the restaurant in the courtyard of Hotel Patio Andaluz in the old town. García Moreno N6-52 between Mejía and Olmedo Telephone: (593-2) 2280830

Rincon La Ronda -traditional Ecuadorean food in a classy, if somewhat stuffy atmosphere. Belo Horizonte no 400 y Almagro. Tel 2540459

Sake Restaurant -minimalist Japanes restaurant. Paúl Rivet N30-166 y Whymper
Quito - Ecuador. Tel: +593 252 - 4818 / 254 - 5874

San Telmo -
Bar/restaurant specialising in meats. Portugal 440 y Francisco Casanova. Tel 3331944/3331943/2256946

El Sitio -
Café/grill in Cumbaya with a clean freash ambiance. Francisco de Orellana, 571, Cumbayá. Tel/Fax: 2 895 177 / 2 240 732

Sushito -Japanese Sushi in Quicentro shopping Centre.

Swissotel -luxury hotel with 5 restaurants -Prime Rib, Le Point, Cafe Quito, Tanoshii Restaurant, Les Alpes, Sports Bar & Grill. Av.12 de Octubre, 1820 y Luis - Cordero. Tel: +593 22 567 600

Teatrum -extremely elegant restaurant and wine bar in the National Theatre. Calle Manabi entre Guayaquil y Flores, Centro Histórico de Quito, Teatro Nacional Sucre, segundo piso. Telefaxs: 593-2-2571011 / 2-2289669

Techo del Mundo, Hotel Quito -stunning roof top situation, with special events in the evenings or fantastic buffet breakfast. Gonzales Suarez. Tel: (5932) 254 4600

Trattoria Sol y Luna -quality Italian restaurant in La Colina area -Whimper N 31-29 y Coruña. Telf: 223-5865

La Tuka -restaurant in Hotel Finlandia. Finlandia 227 y Suecia * Telf. [593 2] 224 4287 / 224 4288 / 224 4289

La Viña -contemporary international dishes, located in the Mariscal on Isabel La Católica and Cordero. Tel. 256 60 33 / 255 63 36

El Viejo Roble -
Spanish and Ecuadorian food in a rustic atmosphere. Av. General Rumiñahui, Km 2 1/2, Vía Amaguaña. Telfs: 2334-036 / 097-132-450 / 092-744-315

Zazu: restaurant lounge and bar. mariano aguilera 331 y la pradera · quito - ecuador · t: [532 2] 254 3559

Food and Drink
You can definitely eat supremely well in Quito.
Most meals are served with rice, and possibly accompanied with various forms of corn, as well as avocado, tomato and aji sauce.
Be cautious about buying food from street vendors, especially 'prepared' food. Bottled water is widely available and should be used in more rural areas, and remember that ice will be made from tapwater.
Drinks: Alcoholic drinks are readily available including good South American wines and Pilsner or Club beers. There are the most amazing fruit juices to be found -try the naranjilla, tomate de arbol, mora, guanabana, maracuya and papaya in place of the usual orange or pineapple. If you are feeling adventurous, you might like to try Chicha a drink of fermented maize or yucca, that relies on human saliva as part of the process of making it.
Aji -hot pepper sauce, served with many meals -use with care.
Bolas de Verde -a filling soup with balls of plantain.
Cachos -croissants.
Caldo de Patas -cows foot soup -a local delicacy believed to increase virility.
Ceviche de Camarones (o Pescado) -a cold soup of prawns (or fish) marinated in lime and onion and served cold with popcorn and peanuts.
Choclo -grilled sweetcorn.
Chupe de pescado, -fish and vegetable soup from the coast.
Corvina -sea bass.
Cuy -guinea pig
Empanadas -meat or cheese turnovers served as a snack or starter.
Encocados -seafood cooked in coconut milk
Fanesca -a festive soup made with dry fish and fresh grains such as corn, peas, etc.
Fritada -fried pork.
Jugo -Juice.
Llapingachos -fried mashed potato and cheese patties.
Locro -cheese and potato soup.
Lomo salteado -thinly cut beef steak.
Lomo Fino -fillet beef steak
Mote pillo -boiled corn mixed with onions and eggs.
Plato Tipico -typical plate -made with fried pork, llapingachos, rice, avocado, mote pillo, avocado and tostado with aji.
Seco -stewed meat, eg Seco de Pollo -Chicken Stew.
Tortillas de Maiz -corn pancakes.
Cooking terms:
A la brasa -grilled
Al vapor -steamed
Apanado -batter-fried/breaded
Brosterizado -deep-fried
Frito -pan fried
Hornado -roasted
Reventado: skillet-fried
Fanesca -from Topics Mag, a description of the festive soup made of grains, legumes, cereals, and fish.
Recipes for Ecuador -about twenty recipes from RecipeHound.

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Café Mosaico

Offering possibly the best view of any restaurant in Quito overlooking the old town with its many churches and squares is Café Mosaico. Ideally you would arrive a short while before sunset and sit on the balcony outside.

Cafe Mosaico

There you can watch the city slowly light up as the sky darkens. Booking is advisable and remember to bring a jumper or jacket for the chillier evening.

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