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Car hire
Yachts & Cruises : Car Hire in Ecuador

Driving in Ecuador
Driving in Quito for the first time is not for the faint-hearted. It can be great when you get out of town on the quieter roads, though. A couple of basic rules for Quito -roads running on the north-south axis have right of way, and you should always do as directed by the traffic police, unless you want an on-the-spot fine.

Hire cars are readily available, although can be expensive (cars are expensive to buy in Ecuador). Make sure you know exactly what insurance is being offered -I would really suggest you try to ensure it is fully comprehensive. If you plan to go off-road or into more remote areas, remember that the terrain can be punishing to both vehicles and occupants.

When you park in Quito, there are often attendants who will 'help' you park and look after your car -you should tip them 25 cents when you collect your car. Ideally you should find somewhere secure to keep the car overnight, and never leave possessions on sight in your car.

Carry your drivers licence and vehicle registration with you at all times -there are numerous police check points where you will be required to produce them.

Car Hire Companies
Avis -Av. Amazonas. Also Guayaquil and Manta. -pick up at Marical Sucre Airport or Av. Amazonas in Quito plus brances at Manta and Guyaquil. Have provided us with excellent service in Quito on a number of occasions.
Expo Rent a Car -quite frankly the worst car hire company I have ever come across. We tried to hire from them over New Year 2011-12. Demanded money up front. The car failed to materialise, staff wouldn't admit they hadn't got one and offered a smaller, which after waiting three hours also failed to materialise. Manager tried to hide from us and only refunded our money when we and another customer threatened to call the police. Use at your peril.
Hertz -Swiss Hotel -Calle Cordero 433 y Avenida 12 de Octubre.
Rent -all in one package of car and driver. Av. 12 de Octubre E11-14 y Orellana, Edificio Lincoln, 2do Piso, Quito. Tel: +593 (2) 2 544 719
Simon Ave. Shyris 2930 and Isla Floreana.
Turisvision -chauffeur drive car, van and bus hire in Ecuador.
Enduro Adventure Motorcycle Tours,  tour the back roads of Ecuador on off-road motorcycles with Thomas Enduro -web site in German.
Pinto 356 y J.L. Mera
tel.: (02) 254 93 58
Freedom Bike Rental -mountain bike, scooter and motorcycle rentals and tours, along with self-guided GPS scooter tours of Quito.
Juan Leon Mera N-22-37 (entre Carrion y Veintimilla) 
Tel: (02) 250-4339 and 08-176-2340

Ihana -the story of a 4x4 trip through the length of south America -the link should take you straight to the Ecuador leg of the tour.
Overland Club -from Quito to Lima, La Paz, Satiago, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro overland.
VW Vagabonds -the Ecuador page from the account by Richard Ligato and Amanda Bejarano-Ligato of their three year travels around the world in a VW camper, with some excellent images.

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