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 Quito apartment


Quito apartment
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Apartment details Word version of this page for printing. : Apartment in Quito -practical stuff

On arrival and departure
Ruthy, Susana's sister in law, will meet you at the apartment, or at Hotel Quito, to hand over the keys and show you round. She will also collect the keys back from you at the apartment when you depart.

Location and getting there:
Ask you taxi to take you to Camino Orellana (pronounced 'Orejana') -approx $2 from areas in the north of Quito. If the driver doesn't know it you can ask to go to Hotel Quito and direct him the last 200m. Sometimes drivers are reluctant thinking they have to go all the way to the bottom of the hill into Guapulo -explain you are at the top and they can easily turn around to return.

To book a taxi from the flat call 2511511 -they normally have a taxi within 10 minutes.

The full address is:
Flat 1B, Casa Encalada, Camino Orellana, Guapulo, Quito

Police | Fire | Ambulance: call 101 or 911 for emergency services.

Our local contact is Susana's sister in law, Ruthy, who holds the keys and arranges cleaning etc. Ruthy understands some English, and her sons Eduardo and Jorge speak very good English. Her phone number is (005932) 2345466. Her mobile is 86336463.

The building manager is Gabriela Troya -she lives upstairs and can be contacted through the guard -please only contact her on matters that affect the flat owners in general.

The flat is well protected, with shutters on each window and the front door, and has a guard at the building entrance. We ask you to take reasonable security measures for the protection of everyone in the block.

Please close and lock window shutters/door gate if staying away overnight. We suggest you latch all windows if going out in town, and you should lock the flat door whilst in the flat. Lock both the flat door and building entrance when going out.

Do not let anyone follow you into the building -visitors should contact the flat they are visiting to gain access.

Whilst we do everything possible to make your stay comfortable and safe, please arrange for your own travel insurance, as we cannot accept responsibility for accidents or other losses.

There is a single parking space allocated to the flat -please park carefully in space 1b as space is tight. Visitors can park on the street over the road.

Hot Water:
The tank is located under the sink in the social bathroom. Lift the lever to 'Up' to turn on -we suggest you leave it on while you are in the flat but turn off if you stay away overnight. Remember on taps C stands for Caliente (hot) and F for Frio (cold)

Current is 110v/60Hz. Plugs are of the two flat pin type (I am afraid the round pin socket in the living room does not work). The fuses are located in the Utility room. There should be candles in the kitchen drawers in case of a power cut.

Gas Cooker:
There is a gas container under the breakfast bar. If it runs out a refill can be obtained for around $3 from the delivery van that comes around mid morning each day (they hoot as they pass) -ask the guard to stop them. The guard will also help you to carry the cylinder in.

Plug the cooker in for the electric ignition and oven light.

When boiling water, do remember that water boils at a lower temperature at altitude -water is best warmed on a hotplate to get as hot as possible.

Telephone and Internet:
There is a telephone in the living room which can be used for local calls -it is blocked for outgoing international calls and calls to mobile phones, but friends and family can call you on 00 5932 2506356. There is also a telephone kiosk over the road from Hotel Quito where you can make international calls and use the Internet. If you have your own computer, there is a broadband connection to the bedroom (via WiFi or Ethernet cable). There is no password set.

There is a television with cable in the bedroom. This shows news in Spanish on CNN and other stations and there are frequent films and other TV shows in English.

Cleaning and Refuse:
Elena, the maid, comes to clean the apartment once a week (on Wednesdays). She also changes the bedding and towels. Please let her know if you want any washing done -she has a key to the flat.

Rubbish (la basura) is collected 3 times a week -there is a bin on the roof, and the guard is happy to take bags up there.

You will find a range of cleaning materials under the kitchen sink and some cloths etc in the second drawer.

There is lots of storage in the kitchen units, under bathroom sinks and in the bedroom wardrobes. We have locked one bay of the wardrobe so we can keep some of our own clothing at the flat, but there should be plenty of space in the remaining sections, which include hanging rails and drawers.

On departure
Please dispose of fresh foodstuffs and leave the flat clean and tidy. Tinned and dried foods can be left for the next visitors. Keys must be handed to Ruthy on departure. Please do not leave them with the guards or any other person.

Have a great stay!

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Quito Apartment

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