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There is so much to do in Ecuador.
Apart from sightseeing, the most obvious activity in a country with such a varied landscape must be trekking, but there are other ways you can explore the country too, for example horseriding or mountain biking. For the more daring, you can try mountain climbing or white water rafting.
In the Galapagos there are some fantastic opportunities to dive with the extraordinary animals there, and with such a variety of landscapes, there are amazing opportunities for eco tourism and perhaps to experience the culture or see the variety of flora and fauna to be found in ecuador -it is a great place too to do volunteer work or spend a gap year. For nature enthusists the are plenty of opportunities for bird watching and whale watching.
And lastly, if you are planning to spend some time in South America, why not spend you first week or two in Ecuador on an intensive Spanish language course.
Finally if you can't be bothered to do the organising, there are many good tour operators who can organise your trip.

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One of the last great wildernesses, the Galapagos offer an unparalleled opportunity to get close to some of natures most extraordinary creatures -giant tortoise, albatross, sea lion, iguana and much more.

This of course brings the responsibility not to disturb the animals in any way -you will need to have a zero footprint in ecological terms -this involves some strict rules, but they do help to protect the special environment of the islands.