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Quito apartment


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Staying in Ecuador
Listed below are a few of the places you can stay in Ecuador. There are some stunning examples. In Quito choose hotels according to your budget, but of course apartments are cheaper for long stays. Our own apartment in Quito is available for short lets.

If you aim to undertake a Spanish language course, then a popular way to do it, is to stay with a family as part of your course. If you like your home comforts, then there are a good range of 4 star hotels offering top quality service and international cuisine. One of our favourites is Hotel Quito with its stunning rooftop restaurant, but you might also consider the Hotel Patio Andaluz in the heart of Colonial Quito. There is also a good choice of smaller hotels, such as the Café Cultura, often located in colonial houses and offering a much more personal service.

Outside Quito things really come into their own. The countryside is sprinkled with haciendas that can provide outstanding accommodation and quality cuisine at reasonable prices. It can be an absolute delight to discover an historic hacienda in the mountains with your own individual chalet and terrace to watch the sunset before dining in the beamed restaurant in front of an open fire  Two we like are La Mirage in Cotocachi, and Chorlavi near San Antonio de Ibarra.

If you are travelling off the beaten track to the cloud forest or jungle for example, then there are a great range of jungle lodges available -many of these offer activities related to their location -climbing, pony trekking, nature watching and so on. These are generally located off the beaten track so plan ahead and do not expect to just stumble on them.


For the budget traveller, there are numerous hostels to be found in the larger towns, but choose them because they are interesting and a good place to meet fellow travellers rather than because they are cheap. And look after your wallet!

Finally if you are intending to visit the Galapagos, then the best way to do things may be to stay on one of the boats or yachts based on the islands -this way you combine your transport with your accommodation, but better still, you travel from island to island at nght. Choose your boat according to your own needs -if our are a keen sailor then a yacht is perfect; if you want to be adventurous but dislike crowds then a small boat is best; alternatively if you are unsure of how you may like being at sea but like socialising, then choose one of the larger and more stable cruise ships. There are only a limited number of boats allowed to work on the islands, so most tour operators will be offering the same choice -choose according to price and degree of luxury -the boats are classified as luxury, first class, tourist superior, tourist and economy.

Accommodation is cheap, but remember, tax and service is added on to any hotel or restaurant bill at a rate of 22% -this can be an unwelcome surprise if you are not expecting it.

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Quito Apartment
If you are staying a bit longer in the city, then why not think about booking our Quito Apartment -set in the Gonzales Suarez area with great views over historic Guapulo, the apartment is available for short term rental.

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