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 Quito apartment







 Quito apartment


Yachts & Cruises : Haciendas of Ecuador

Ecuador Haciendas:
For the ultimate in comfort and luxury, the great historic haciendas of Ecuador take some beating. In many cases they are still operating as working farms, and they generally offer an extremely high level of exclusivity and service, coupled with very well appointed accommodation.
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Most of them are off the beaten track in the Andean Highlands, so you should make arrangements in advance, rather than just expect to turn up. Many date back to the days of the conquistadors, when large areas of the country were given to a few important families by the King of Spain. Before land reform in the 1960s. many peasant farmers were effectively tied to haciendas, having to give service to the owner in exchange for use of a smallholding or 'minifundio'.
Almost all of them will offer excellent horseriding facilities, along with other rural activities.
South of Quito: Cotopaxi & Sangolqui
Hacienda la Carriona -historic hacienda located near Sangolqui in the beautiful Valley of Los Chillos, a brief drive south down the highway from Quito and minutes away from  the protected forest of the Pasochoa.  It  offers easy access to the Cotopaxi National Park and the southern part of the country. 
Km 2 1/2 via Sangolquí - Amaguaña, Sangolquí
Tels.: (593 2) 233-2004 / (593 2) 233-1974
Hacienda Chillo Jijón -very exclusive and elegant colonial hacienda set in 28 acres of private gardens and woodland in the Chillos valley near Quito. British readers will recognise one of the names in the guest book.
Tel: (+593 2) 233 1632
Hacienda La Alegria -this family run organic farm is situated one hour south of Quito on the lower slopes of Volcan Corazon. The hacienda is home to a very good riding school and its grounds and gardens offer a variety of well grown native trees including cedar, wax palm and podocarpus. The railway to Cotopaxi passes the back of the garden.
Tel: +593 9980 2526 or +593 2246 2319
Hacienda La Cienega -located in Latacunga, close to Volcano Cotopaxi, this elegant hacienda is is approached by an avenue of Eucalyptus trees and comes complete with its own chapel, which can be used for marriages.
Tel (593 3) 271 9052
Hacienda San Augustin de Callo -an Inca hacienda with magnificent views at the foot of Cotopaxi. The buildings are in the form of a Spanish courtyard built around the Inca rooms, and is one of the major archaeological sites in Ecuador.
Tel: (593-3) 2719-160

North of Quito: Mitad del Mundo, Cayambe, Imbabura and Otavalo
Hacienda Cusin -very popular with visitors, this restored hacienda is located a short way outside Otavalo near San Pablo del Lago. Set in its own landscaped gardens, they can offer horseriding, mountain biking, climbing and much more. It is a while since we last visited, but I have memories of a rather idyllic peaceful horseback ride around the area.
San Pablo del Lago, Imbabura
Tel. (+5936) 291 8013 Fax (+5936) 291 8003
Hacienda Guachalá -located near Cayambe , around one hour due north from Quito. With parts dating back to 1580, it is claimed to be the oldest hacienda in Ecuador, with horseriding and mountain biking nearby.
Panamericana Highway Km 70 (Quito-Cayambe), Cayambe. Follow the road to Cangahua for a mile (first road to the right after the Cangahua Tollbooth)
Tel (593-2)2363 042
Hacienda PinsaquiHacienda Pinsaqui -historical hacienda at the base of imbabura, a few miles from the Indian market town of Otavalo, providing luxury suites and fine restaurant. The hacienda, was first built in 1790 and has belonged to the same family since 1888. It was the location for the signing of the Treaty between Ecuador and Columbia.
Today the Hacienda offers relaxed dining, strolls through the gardens and mountain biking. You can also find details of the slightly cheaper Hacienda San Fransisco in a more rural setting near Chachimbiro, famous for its volcanic thermal baths.
Panamericana Norte km. 5, Otavalo
Tel: (+593 6) 2946 116 / 2946 117;
Mob. (+593 9) 9727 652

Hacienda Primavera -a wilderness ecolodge set in the El Choco rainforest reserve, one and a half hours Northwest of Otavalo. The same family has owned the hacienda for over 90 years, and offer a variety of activities -horseriding, rafting, wildlife study as well as the opprtunity to ride the Autoferril through the estate. The ranch is is at an elevation of 1,200 m in part primary and secondary jungle with stables full of horses, cattle, llamas, donkeys, goats, and pigs.
Hacienda PrimaveraWilderness Ecolodge, Caserio La Primavera
Tel 08-541-4032
Hacienda San Pedro -a working farm, produces crops and dairy products, while offering lodging to a select handful of guests in comfortable double rooms in the hacienda mansion. The hacienda is set at 10,000 feet up on the road to Selva Alegre.
San Pedro Manor, Otavalo, Via Selva Alegre, Km 19
Tel (593) 9 - 189 41 33
Hacienda Zuleta -historic working farm and ranch house 110 km north of Quito. Originally built by the Jesuits in the 17th century, Zuleta is famous for its horses and has one of the most exclusive stables in Ecuador. With a limited number of rooms available, it offers a high level of privacy and personal attention.
Hacienda Zuleta, Angochagua, Provincia Imbabura
Tel (593) 6 2662 182

Baños + Ambato
Hacienda Leito -small spa hostel in the Parque Llanganates, a few km off the road between Patate and Baños, and within sight of the Volcano Tungurahua.
Km.8 Via ecológica, Baños - Patate
Hacienda Manteles -beautiful hacienda located near Patate in 100 hectares of cloud forest 30 mins from Baños.
Patate - Banos, Tungurahua
Tel. (593-2) 223-3484 · Cel.: (593-9) 461-4275, (593-9) 461-4525

Hacienda Abraspungo
-modern The hotel offers 44 comfortable on suite single, double and triple rooms plus suites, all with baths and showers.
Km 3 1/2 Via Riobamba -Guano
Tel (+593 3) 2364031

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Las Palmeras:

In 2005 we stayed at Las Palmeras Inn, a few miles outside of Otavalo. It is not exactly a true hacienda, as the accommodation comprises a careful development of an old guinea pig farm, but nonetheless it gives an extremely high standard of accommodation, and is considerably cheaper than its partner Hacienda Cusin. We rented the Casa Olana garden cottage, which is illustrated opposite.

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