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Quito apartment
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Apartment to rent in Quito
click on any image to enlarge -the views show the apartment and nearby area in Guapulo village. To making a booking, follow think link to our bookings calendar.

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Quito Apartment

Our own apartment is available for short stays in Quito.


To view the calendar and make a booking online, click on calendar.

Visitors reviews:

"Last day in Quito ... Sending my gratitude to you for such a perfect place to stay over the Christmas and New Year period. Providing such a beautiful base to both branch out from and settle down into in the middle of my travels.......we had glorious trips out to Banos, Chugchilan / Quilotoa, and Mindo and I've been out to Papallacta. All quite life enhancing and spellbinding. Thank you for enabling this and your support.
I've had enormous fun exploring and joined the South American Explorers outfit here who have a cool club house and resource centre. Yesterday I did a trip with them to the mens prison here, from which I'm still reverberating.
Your flat is so superb and stylish I feel refreshed before next overland legs, cheers."
AC -London

"Perhaps it is an indication of how good a time I had in Quito that.....I am still here!!!  Of course I loved staying at the apartment this time.......and will look forward to staying there in 2007."
BW -Penzance

"A wonderful property in a very convenient location - easy walking distance of a few restaurants/bars, panaderias, shops, internet cafes,... The views over the Cumbaya valley are truly awesome - Would definitely recommend - apart from the period I want to book for next time!"
AM -Wales

"The flat is more than I could have hoped for. I have almost everything I need and Ruthy and her son Jorge have made sure I am happy and that everything here is perfect. All of my friends here are jealous that I have such a nice place to stay. The view is so beautiful! I don't see how I could want for anything more.
JJ -Texas