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Hotels in Cuenca
There are some really good hotels in the city -have a browse to see what is available. The more luxurious tend to be those with views overlooking the Tomebamba, and there are many hidden gems set aroud colonial courtyards in the old city.
Have a look at our Cuenca page for more about this beautiful city.
Carvallo -
Thirty room luxury hotel in a colonial house built in 1917 on Gran Colombia.
Address: Presidente Cordova 10-33 Y Padre Aguirre
Telefax: (00593) 7 2831251
Caballo Campana -
Luxury hotel and restaurant a few minutes out of Cuenca set in 24 hectares of landscaped gardens. Horseriding, functions, weddings etc
Misicata : Sector Huishil Km4
Tlf(593) 7 2892361 / 2892360
Casa Ordonez -
Small but elegant bed and breakfast in a restored house that has been in the same family for over 100 years. Their restaurant "Los Abuelos" features typical Ecuadorean cooking.
Mariscal Lamar y Benigno Malo.
Cofradia del Monje -
Centrally located mid range hostal.
Presidente Córdova 10-33 y Padre Aguirre
Teléfono: (593) 7 2831251
El Conquistador -
First class hotel with an annoying website.
Gran Colombia 6-65 y Borrero
Tel: (593) - 07 2842888
Crespo bedroom.JPGHotel Crespo -one of the best hotels in Cuenca, situated on the Barranco overlooking the beautiful River Tomebamba -see feature panel.
Address: Calle Larga 7-93,
Tel: (00593) 7 2842571, Fax: (00593)-7 2839473

Hotel El Dorado -sickly website, and I have to ask why would anyone choose to stay in an eight storey hotel in a world heritage city like Cuenca?
Gran Colombia y Luis Cordero, 787 - Cuenca Ecuador
Hosteria Duran -spa hotel a few kilometres south of the city. First opewned in 1926 by Ricardo Duran who bought the spa and made it available to the citizens of Cuenca by transporting them there in a luxury Chrysler car. The hotel offers elegant bedrooms, along with pool, Turkish bath, massage and fitness rooms plus a gourmet restaurant "El Tucumán".
Av. Ricardo Duran
+ 5937 289 2485, + 5937 289 2486
HotelIncaReal.JPGInca Real -in the centre of Cuenca, the hotel is located in a historic colonial building with beautiful courtyards (pictured right).
Address: General Torres 8-40 between Sucre and Bolivar, behind the new cathedral.
Tel: (00593) 7 823636 fax 7 840699
Hotel Italia -
Anonymous looking modern hotel near the airport and bus station.
Av España y Huayna Capac .
Tel (593) 7 2840 060
Mansion Alcazar -
Small boutique hotel in the centre of Cuenca with 11 luxury rooms and three suites. Top class restaurant, "Casa Alonso" plus coffee lounge and bar.
Calle Bolivar 12-55 Tarqui,Cuenca
Tel (00593) 7 823918
Pinar de Lago -hotel and conference centre in the centre of town.
Address: Av. Ordóñez Lazo
Tel (00593) 7 2837339 - 237212 Fax: 7 2842833
Presidente -
Four star hotel and casino with 70 rooms, restaurant, conference facilities etc.
Gran Colombia 6-59 y Hno. Miguel
Tel: (593) - 07 2831066 / 1341 / 1979
Posada del Angel -a small cheery hostal located in a restored colonial house in the old town.
Address: Bolívar 14-11 and Estévez de Toral (old town)
Phone: (593 7) 2 840695 / 2 821360
Oro Verde -
Swiss hotel in a quiet location bordering the Tomebamba River and a beautiful lagoon.
Address: Av. Ordóñez Lazo S/N
Tel: (00593) - 7 - 2831200 Fax: 593 - 7 - 2832849
Rio Piedra -
Centrally located mid range hotel with 12 rooms; restaurant, internet
Presidente Córdova 8-40 y Luís Cordero
Telf: 593-7-2843821 / 2839676
San Andres -
Simple but elegant colonial hotel in the historic centre of Cuenca. Internet access; bar.
Gran Colombia 11-66 and Tarqui,
Telephone 2850039 - 2841497
Santa Ana -
Santa Lucia -situated in the heart of Cuenca's colonial center, just a few steps from the main plaza, this beautiful restored republican house built in 1859 offers a classy colonial atmosphere with lovely decorations.
Address: Antonio Borrero 8-44 y Sucre, Cuenca
Tel: (00593) 7 828 000 Fax: (593) 7 842 443
Victoria -hotel on the Barranco with El Jardín restaurant.
Address: Calle Larga 6-93 y Borrero
Te: (00593) 7 827401
Hosteria Uzhupud -
Set in an old family hacienda near Paute, 40 minutes from Cuenca, the Hosteria is still run by descendants of the Muñoz family who owned the hacienda in the mid 19th century. The popular villages of Gualaceo and Chordeleg are located nearby.
Km. 32 vía Paute
Phone. (593) 7 225-0374

Loja, Vilcabamba and the south
Bombuscaro -four star hotel in the centre of Loja.
Address: August 10 among Av. University and November 18 St.
Tel: (00593)-7 2577021 / 2577022 / 2576922
Hosteria Ruinas de la Quinara -located in the famous valley of longevity at Vilcabamba, the family orientated hosteria is surrounded by gardens with exotic flowers and offers organic food, panoramic views, horse riding, pool, massage and beauty services.
Via a Yambburara Vilcabamba
Tel (005933)-7 2640301

Hosteria Izhcayluma -private lodges, restaurant in a natural pool setting with water falls and lagoons, with a spectacular view over the famous "Valley of longevity".
Vilcabamba, Loja
Tel: (00593) 7 2640095

Madre Tierra -luxury hotel in Vilcabamba.
PO Box 288, Loja
Tel: (00593)-7-264-0269
Posada Ingapirca -located 500m from the ruins of Ingapirca.
Tel: (00593) 7-290670
Cabanas Rio Yambala -ecological center at Vilcabamba, in the foothills of the Podocarpus National Park, perfect for hiking, horse trekking and birding.
Cabañas Rio Yambala lies 5km's east of Vilcabamba
Tel: 091062762
Rumi Wilco -nature reserve and ecolodge in a beatiful site 15 minutes walk from the centre of Vilcabamba run by Orlando and Alicia Falco. Read about them in this article in the Guardian.

More about Cuenca
See also Hostels in Cuenca for budget accommodation.

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Hotel Crespo
Hotel Crespo from Rio Tomebamba.JPG
Perched above the Rio Tomebamba, the Crespo is one of the cities oldest and most elegant hotels. Extensive wooden panelling gives the hotel an art nouveau feel.
Crespo timber panelling.JPG

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City of Cuenca:

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